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Summer 2019 is coming .. everywhere .. in London too 🙂

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer ?

  1. Get a trim. Even—especially—if you plan on rocking long locks this summer, you should be prepared to part with your overgrown ends before hitting the beach for optimal hair health. …
  2. Use a UV protectant. …
  3. Use water first. …
  4. Take advantage of the sun for a deep conditioning boost. …
  5. Shampoo every 2 days.

these are common tips for your hair before Summer ..

but from my 25 years experiences for Women is really difficult following them

we would like amazing hair but we don’t want to cut them or use the right products to defend them from UV

but we protect our eyes from UV ….. (with glasses)

or we protect the skin …. (with protective cream)

these are my favourite products to protect my hair

shampoo and conditioner are amazing and solar hair spray is a MUST to have on the beach


getting for the night the little bottle contains amazing oil (no greasy) to make shiny and healthy hair after one beach day, creating an amazing summer style like these


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