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ERASMUS Shades training

the italian hairdressing style academy in London


last training class is ended this week

Our young hairdressers have got their successful completion of update training in our London Academy.

They are already doing an Italian academy based in Italy and they would like to improve their skills, adding new knowledge about new cutting style.

the Pixie cut, medium and long hair cut and some of the most glamour royal hair up

while our teachers followed our student step by step

to realize amazing new hairstyles

certainly, our students discovered unbelievable competencies

they saw real life in an English salon with English customers,

getting involved in daily hair requests and services from customers.

finally one student of ours did a composition for his diploma about his Shades training experience

interesting in joining in our training experience?

so please send an email to email address alessandra@shadesitalianhairdresser.com

first of all, we need now your level experience (from beginners to high level) and you can be part of the class.

furthermore, we will do a personal program for your training

For the beginners, there is a training class from 3 months to 6 months,

they will start from the beginning, teaching from theory to practice.

medium level (already employed in a salon).

high level (already stylist in a salon) we have updates and innovation class.

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