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5 questions

for hairdressers from their customers

From “I see dull hair, I can get it back as before” to “are you married?”, Here are the most frequent (and surprising) questions that hairstylists get from customers

230 million women go to the hairdresser or 85 percent of the female population over 13 years. This is the data that emerged from a research study conducted. On over 1,000 men and women. Data that, translated into practical terms and small change, mean that Italians love to go to the hairdresser and do so on average 7.4 times a year. Then there are those who go there every week, those two or more times and those once a month, to adjust the cut or color, but the result does not change: 87% of women consider the beauty of their hair very important (always according to the Observatory). In Europe, the consumption of professional beauty is higher than the consumption of footwear and telephones.

The result was:
1. Is it ammonia free? (question related to whatever colors)
2. I would like this color can I do it? (especially by women)
3. They ruined my hair, I would like to have it back as before, but I don't want to cut it, HELP ME!
4. I see my hair dull, I don't want to change the reflection, only to have more shine, can it be done?
5. I have to do the color and some shades, I should also cut them, can you do it in an hour?
6. Are you married?

do you agree???? Leave a comment and let us know what is your best question when you are at hairdresser salon visit

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