Unusual moment …. Something new

coronavirus is really hurting all entire Globe and normal activities are in lockdown

everyone in the same time shut down normal life

Shades team in line with CODIV-19 Government Guidance planned to close shops for walk-in customers till further notice.

However, we’ll be glad to give you on line consultation and SOS color box through our

fb page Shades EZIO parrucchieri W6

and Instagram @https://www.instagram.com/shadeshammersmith/?hl=it

Send us a text with your hair regrowth pic and our experts will give you the right advice and help with your hair

Shades team misses a lot all of you and we are sure that we will be back ASAP to come back to do what we love to do for you, making you happy!

but for now PLEASE all of us has to :

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