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S.O.S. Color Coach

during this difficult moment Shadesitalianhairdresser team would like to look after our customers.

Do you want roots touch up your hair??
Hairdresser salons are closed??
Are you scared to buy a product yourself??
This is for you!
– – – – – – ????- – – – – –
To have ? ?SOS Hair Coach?? please
?send email info@shadesitalianhairdresser.com with a pic of your hair
?our stylist will do a consultation for you
?we will prepare a mix of colors to achieve the result that you want
?we deliver your products front doors
? our stylist will do a video call with you giving you his advice

these are some reviews from some customers who used the service SOS Color Coach

After a careful consultation our stylist will prepare your color for your roots, mixing different tones. We can do for you toner for your lenght, making the right mixture to achieve the perfect results.

Can I buy the tubes from Amazon or some shops instead?

Obviously you can but the SOS COLOR COACH is a different service. We prepare the product for your hair and your situation to achieve your result.

How many times we saw the results of hair color homemade? Too dark, too yellow, too orange, to Ashly, to light… so difficult!

Our stylist studied many years to drive hair color skills. With our SOS color coach, we offer to our customers our skills and we are sure that you and us we can achieve a good result together.

Our stylists are able to look after customers for cut service too.

Haircut coach

Our stylist are doing video calls, helping our customers to cut their hair.

Can I use some video tutorial on Youtube instead?

Hair is so different and hair cut is really connected with the texture, type of hair and volume of the head. That’s why our stylist in the video call can give you the right advice to achieve the perfect result. No damages no problems

Alessandra is explaining to us better SoS color coach

Hope this service can be helpful for our customers but we hope to come back soon in salon when this difficult situation will be ended

but at the moment is really important follow Government requests

#Stayathome – #helptheNHS – #Savelives

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