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Shades Italian hairdresser London would like to reassure clients that we are committed to adhering to Public Health England’s advice and protocols in our salon, to help prevent the spread of this virus. The well-being of our clients and staff is our absolute priority.
Shades Italian hairdresser pride ourselves on our excellent hygiene practices however we are now also implementing the following measures:
* Door handles will be sprayed with anti-bacterial spray throughout the day
* The toilet will be cleaned and sprayed with anti-bacterial spray throughout the day

* stylist will wear mask and visor and we will accept only a few customers per area
* The reception area will be sprayed with anti-bacterial spray throughout the day

*Each customer will be separated from others by a plexiglass wall
* After each payment, the card machine will also be sprayed with anti-bacterial spray after each use

*we prepared a private space where you can stay only with the stylist

* We have 2 chairs in the garden and you can enjoy your hair treatment in the garden

* Staff will wash their hands thoroughly in between clients
* All equipment will be sterilized after each client
* we will offer only water bottles
* Each section, seat, footstool, and washbasin will be sprayed with anti-bacterial spray after each client
As always at the end of each day, we have the salon thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in preparation for the following day
* We respectively ask all clients to sanitize their hands upon arrival

* we will give you a surgical mask disposable to wear

* air will be sanitized by a cold plasma medical sanitizer
* If you are feeling unwell, to cancel your appointment and we will put a reminder in our diary to reschedule for a later date
We hope you understand the above requests. We are taking every precaution as we realize at this present time people are concerned with being out and about until further information is provided.
We wish you all good health and thank you for continuing to place your trust in us.
For more information and guidance about Coronavirus, please visit www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response.

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