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What We Do

As we love to take care of your hair we perform new colouring and cutting techniques to get the best results in terms of hair styling.

Degradé Colour is the new technique to colour your hair and get rid of regrowth, dry and damage hair.

It lasts longer than balajage, hombre and highlights
You’ll get the perfect shades fitting with your natural colour
You’ll forget about the annoying root touch-up
We use only ammonia-free products
Your hair will be healthier, stronger and full of body

Degradé Cut is a special technique to cut your hair mixed with the Italian creativity and style. You’ll get:

Volume and lightness for long hair
Energetic and durable style for low-maintenance short cuts
Original and stunning hair style according to trends and fashion

Men’s Cut

Men cut in shadesitalianhairdresser is a really important service. You can find some stylist like Ezio who will cut your hair only with scissors. In London is so difficult find someone who can cut your hair with scissors. A lot of experience and full skills are needed  to make some good layers with scissors. The scissors’s cut is much better as hair will grow in a better way, having a good shapes and hair will be not damaged. Especially for curly hair (often they loose the curl) or thin hair (they can be damaged from clippers) but also for thicker hair (they will growth better without volume problem) and the cut will last more.

Who We Are

Our story started in Sicily (Italy), place of culture, fashion, sun and good food more than thirty years ago.

Ezio, Alessandra, Donato and Nicolas are passionate about hair, style and fashion. Indeed their aim is to innovate the hair styling and London is the right place for that. At Shades Salons, you can find original and breaking new hair colouring techniques and exclusive natural ammonia-free products; all mixed with Italian creativity and special care for customers.


EZIO | Founder

Ezio has ever been passionate about hairdressing. So at 14 he began to work at hair salons and studied fashion and hairstyling at Palermo Academy. Later in the 90s he moved to Milan where he worked with Aldo Coppola, the famous Italian hairdresser.

Longing for his independence, he moved back to Palermo where he opened his first salon and launched his own line of hair care products.

In 2004 he introduced the Degradé colour, a new method of hair colouring and two years later he moved his steps into hairstyling education.

In 2015 he opened his first salon in London, bringing the innovative Degradé hair colouring system into the UK, together with his style and passion.



Born in Palermo, her passion for hair style ad fashion brought her to turn against her father, who wanted her to follow his path as a lawyer.

She specialized in Milan in hair colouring, she became a Wella trainer for Joelle Degrade’, the Italian company which launched the Joelle Shades colouring technique: an innovative hair colouring and advanced care method which makes hair healthier and stronger.

She then moved to London, following her dream and desire to influence the hair fashion world, offering the Italian vision and creativity, the details-oriented approach and the customer coddling philosophy. She loves listening to her customers desires and making come them true. Visit one of our salons and try the Shades experience!


Our Awards

Miss London City

2018 Official Hairdresser

Haircolour Awards in Rome

2018 Winner

Haircolour Awards in Rome

2017 Winner

Italian Hairdressing Awards

2016 Winner

Haircolour Awards in Rome

2016 Nominations

Italian Hairdressing Awards

2015 Winner

Haircolour Awards in Rome

2015 Nomination

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What we love to do is taking care of you and your hair, listening to your needs and working out the perfect look you are looking for.

Come and visit us in our London salons in Hammersmith W6, Manor House N4, Primrose Hill NW3 or in Palermo, Italy.